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for example, Madhu Kishwar who has placed it in indistinguishable class from "Khomeinivad" (i.e., pushing ladies into position of subservience to their spouses, like the family structure purportedly supported by Ayatollah Khomeini).[32] Other women's activists, nonetheless, have called the celebration engaging for ladies on the grounds that Karva Chauth empowers them to stop housework totally for the day and Karva Chauth wishes for husband expect endowments from their husbands.[14] Some authors have affirmed that such "ceremonies work deceptively" to make "an instrument of social control" that mistreats ladies and that the considerably more prominent prominence of Karva Chauth among urban, instructed members brings up the issue of "which is the more noteworthy boundary to ladies' freedom: religion or the market."


Conventional stories


There are legends related with the Karva Chauth celebration. In a few indicators, the stories are interlinked, with one going about as a casing story for another.


The Story of Queen Veervati


An excellent ruler called Veervati was the main sister of seven adoring siblings. She spent her first Karva Chauth as a wedded lady at her folks' home. She started a strict quick after dawn be that as it may, by night, was urgently sitting tight for the moonrise as she endured extreme thirst and appetite. Her seven siblings couldn't stand to see their sister in such misery and made a mirror in a pipal tree that made it look just as the moon had risen. The sister confused it for the moon and broke her quick. The minute she ate, word arrived that her significant other, the lord, was dead. Shattered, she sobbed during that time until the point when her shakti constrained a Goddess to show up and inquire as to why she cried. At the point when the ruler clarified her misery, the Goddess uncovered how she had been deceived by her siblings and trained her to rehash the Karva Chauth quick with finish commitment. At the point when Veervati rehashed the quick, Yama was compelled to reestablish her significant other to life.

In a variation of this story, the siblings fabricate a monstrous fire behind a mountain rather and trap their sister by persuading her that the gleam is the moon. She breaks her quick and word arrives that her cherished spouse has kicked the bucket. She promptly starts hurrying to her better half's home, or, in other words, and is caught by Shiva-Parvati. Parvati uncovers the dishonesty to her, slices her very own little finger to give the spouse a couple of drops of her heavenly blood, and educates her to be cautious in keeping the entire quick later on. The spouse sprinkles Parvati's blood on her dead husband and, returning to life, they are brought together.


The Legend of Mahabharata


The confidence in this quick and its related ceremonies returns to the pre-Mahabharata times. Draupadi, as well, is said to have watched this quick. When Arjun went to the Nilgiris for repentance and whatever is left of the Pandavas confronted numerous issues in his nonattendance. Draupadi, out of distress, recalled Lord Krishna and requested help.